Paw and Body Wipes



Jax & Cali Paw and Body Wipes are natural, with no harmful chemicals or ingredients, hyBoallergenic, ph Balanced, PEIA certified, cruelty-free & vegan wipe, extra-large (8'x lO') and textured (thick) which actually cleans and can clean multiple paws in one fell swoop! (Four Paws. One wipe!)

These wipes are TOUGH - made from premium fibers in the most environmentally friendly hydro entanglement process.

Jax & Cali holisfrc Paw and Body Wipes can be used for:
- Allergies
- Skin Conditions - Post Surgery - Dermatitis - Irritations - Dryness - Flare Ups Odor Control - Sanitize - Nourish - Protect - Vitamin Enriched - Face - Ears - Eyes - Paws - Body - Anal Glands - Dog Parks - Hikes - Beach - Travel - K9 Units -Trainers - Pet Fitness - Doggie Day Care - Pet Amenities


Jax & Cali® Paw and Body Wipes