Our Story

Jax & Cali is a female owned and family operated indie brand out of South Florida.
I began my career as a high school accounting and business economics teacher in New Jersey.

Some years later entered the hotel and resort hospitality field where I worked 25+ years as a Director of Finance while being a wife and mother. After leaving the hospitality field ... I suddenly found myself becoming an unexpected entrepreneur in an industry I never worked in!

Why ? I could not find quality products that performed what they proclaimed they could & would do for our two Mini Dachshunds and best friends, Jax and Cali. Nonperforming products, filled with harmful ingredients, inexpensive and non-effective fillers. Our Treasured loved ones deserve better! For their safety, health, and cleanliness.

Following Jax's and Cali's adventures outside through the grass, on sidewalks, streets, in shops etc. we always clean the paws from the dirt, allergens and other debris remaining on the paws. lmagine how harmfulthese elements can be to their health as well as to the family members and furnishings.

I continually tried to find more convenient ways to clean two sets of paws numerous times a day ... other than in the slop sink using soap, wash cloth and towel.

I literally purchased every wipe on the market and each failed dismally. They were all either too small, not durable, very thin, no texture, too wet or too dry. ln addition, the active ingredients found in many of the products also induced skin irritations, worsened allergic dermatitis and dried or cracked their skin.

Thus Jax & Cali paw and body wipes were born featuring all natural, ph balanced ingredients with no harsh chemicals. The wipes are also large, strong and durable. Finally, they are Peta Approved and Vegan .. oh, and did I mention They Clean!!!!

Jax and Cali by Floridian Skins is wholly dedicated to the well-being of our and your fur- babies and the story continues! 😊