Pet Problem?

We've got a WIPE for that!

The Health & Hygiene Connection

Dogs get dirty. Muddy paws, messy fur, tear stains, buildup in the ears, plaque on the teeth. Pet parents have to take care of these things to keep our four-legged babies happy and healthy. Jax & Cali’s high-quality pet wipes are here to help. Wipe tearstains so your pooch can put their best paw forward. Wipe dirty paws to keep dirt and bacteria out of the house. Wipe ears to stop infections. Wipe teeth to prevent periodontal disease. Jax & Cali pet wipes are durable, safe, and natural. They make it easy to wipe your way to optimal health for your furry companion.

Our Wipes

  • American Pet Products Association
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • Natural from Florida
  • Certified Women's Business Enterprise
  • World Pet Association
  • Made In USA