Wipe Tear Stains Away!

  • Why Do Dogs Get Tear Stains?

    Sick of tear stains messing up your pup’s style? Your dog’s eyes produce tears to flush out irritants. The tears contain porphyrin, a compound that contains iron. If their eyes are regularly irritated or not draining properly, then the tears stain their fur with iron. That’s why tear stains are a noticeable reddish-brown color that stands out against your pup’s otherwise flawless coat!

  • Remove Tear Stains Gently and Naturally

    Jax & Cali Tear Stain Wipes are safe, natural wipes that gently cleanse porphyrin stains and promote optimal eye health. Wipe your way to pristine, stain-free fur! Made with superior, high-quality ingredients like colloidal silver and boric acid that are non-toxic, non-irritating, and safe to use around the eyes. Fight yeast and hot spots around the eyes and stop tear stains at the source!

Why Jax & Cali Tear Stain Wipes?


Our blend of non-toxic and non-irritating ingredients formulated with colloidal silver and boric acid targets yeast and moist dermatitis naturally occurring around the eye.


Jax & Cali is dedicated to holistic and natural wellness for your furfamily. We push the boundaries by developing products with nutrition and wellness in mind.


Use one pre-moistened tear stain wipe per eye, two times daily, until the intended result is accomplished. Rub firmly.

This product is NOT intended to eliminate porphyrin production internally.


We are a woman-owned business and our tear stain wipes are proudly made in the USA

  • American Pet Products Association
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • Natural from Florida
  • Certified Women's Business Enterprise
  • World Pet Association
  • Made In USA