The Natural and Holistic Way to Keep Cat and Dog Tear Stains at Bay!

Cat and dog tear stains are generally just a cosmetic issue—they mess up your fur baby’s otherwise perfect face and make them look sad! At the same time, they can indicate an infection, so it’s important to stay on top of your cat’s or dog’s eye health. You'll also want to wipe tear stains away because a build-up can lead to a yeast infection. Learn more about the best way to get rid of tear stains and support optimal eye health for your fur baby!

What Are Tear Stains?

Your cat’s or dog’s eyes produce tears to keep the eye healthy and get rid of dust and other things that might get in their eyes. When the eyes don’t drain properly, or if they're irritated regularly because of allergies or another issue, then the tears will drip down their face. The tears contain porphyrin, a compound that contains iron, and that’s what leaves the noticeable reddish-brown tear stains.

How to Remove Cat and Dog Tear Stains Naturally

Jax & Cali’s® Tear Stain Wipes are proven to help naturally oxidize iron compounds associated with porphyrin. In plain English? They eliminate tear stains while promoting healthy eye function!

These pre-moistened finger mitt wipes contain a blend of non-irritating and non-toxic ingredients. We recommend twice daily use on dog tear stains until the intended results are accomplished.

Formulated using colloidal silver and boric acid, our pH-balanced Tear Stain Wipes are tested and proven to eliminate most stains caused by porphyrin. They also target yeast and moist dermatitis naturally occurring around the pet’s eye.

Here at Jax & Cali, we’re dedicated to a holistic and natural approach to the well-being of your animal companions. Our products are manufactured in the United States by a woman-owned business, and we use only the highest-quality ingredients.


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