Mother-Son Duo Create Jax & Cali Holistic Petcare Brand

Andres - Pet AgeJax & Cali Holistic Petcare Brand
Pet parents know the frustration when their furbaby is a mess and you need a quick, safe and effective solution. Now more than ever, people are reading ingredient labels and researching brands to ensure their products are meeting their needs. Pet Age recently spoke with Andres Bergovich, co-owner of Jax & Cali, to discover how a small, family-owned startup has been growing as it makes a name for itself in the pet care community.


What makes the Jax & Cali story so unique?

Jax & Cali co-owners, myself and my mother Gail Beregovich, found that the market was lacking quality sanitary wipes to be used on our dogs after their walks and for on-the-go cleaning. After using the competitor’s products, Gail found that ordinary paw wipes easily ripped, contained potentially harmful ingredients and did not do what they were intended to do, which is to clean. This experience set us off on a quest to produce the highest quality wipe for dogs. Our Paw and Body Wipes are 8 inches by 10 inches, extra-large, thick, textured, natural, hypoallergenic, certified cruelty-free and vegan by PETA, and they contain no harmful chemicals or ingredients. One noteworthy feature about the Paw and Body Wipes is the durability of the wipe, allowing pet parents to use one Paw and Body Wipe for all four paws and body. With a wipe this durable, you can truly clean your pet’s face, ears, eyes, body, all four paws, butt and then throw it away. The Jax & Cali line of pet products started from this simple need.

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Jax & Cali Holistic Petcare Brand

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