Why Toothbrush Wipes are Better Than Other Dental Products

Using Jax & Cali Toothbrush Wipes Instead of Dental Chews, Dental Treats, Dental Toys, Water Additives or Other Dental Wipes. Not All Dental Products Are Created Equal!

First, dental chews and dental treats are highly caloric and used on a daily basis may lead to obesity in our pets. Dental chews and dental treats may also cause:

  • dietary issues
  • gastrointestinal tract irritation
  • upset stomach
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • bloody stool
  • intestinal blockage should your pet swallow a piece too large to digest

It should also be noted that the effectiveness of dental chews and dental treats will be lost if your pet swallows the chew or treat partially or whole as the chewing action is what gets the job done.

Some ingredients in dental chews and treats have no bacteriostatic or bactericidal activity and may require human assistance or your pet to do the job by chewing another item that will provide the cleaning friction to ensure dental effectiveness.

Dental toys and dual action dental sticks require the adding of toothpaste or treats and can become messy. Your pet may not chew or play with the dental toy long enough to create the friction needed to help remove plaque in plaque prone areas of the mouth.

Water additives may help for those pets who like to drink water and consume enough water to do the job. However, remember that water additives are also ingested and may cause stomach or gastrointestinal problems. 

All the above tools entrust your pet to do the job of cleaning their teeth and gums voluntarily, solo, and doing so correctly to ensure daily dental procedures are efficiently accomplished!

Dental hygiene must be taken seriously and include parental control and supervision! Ingredients must be read and understood to ensure that #furmoms and #furdads are not just throwing their money away on products that do not actually work due to product design and/or their pet’s routine and habits.

Jax & Cali Toothbrush wipes 

The latest product released by Jax & Cali is called “Toothbrush Wipes.” Made in America, the wipe features a pre-moistened, textured, finger wipe with a revolutionary, natural enzymatic formula designed to inhibit and destroy bacteria commonly found in the K-9 mouth which causes periodontal disease.

Jax & Cali Toothbrush wipes allow you to spend time and bond with your loved one while ensuring the teeth and gums are adequately cleaned since the unique, textured, Toothbrush Wipe must be mechanically used by #hoomans and applied to and massaged over your pet’s teeth and gums.

Jax & Cali Toothbrush Wipes boast an effective, all-natural, enzymatic formula which inhibits and reduces bacterial growth, plaque and inflammation while promoting white teeth and fresh breath in the canine mouth. Jax & Cali Toothbrush Wipes are easy to use since there is no rinsing and they are discarded after use! Jax and Cali Toothbrush wipes are the only finger wipes with an effective and proven solution to keep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy in between dental visits.

Jax and Cali are two piebald mini-dachshunds living their best lives with their mom, Gail, and dad, Ed, in Miami, Florida. They are the impetus for creating the brand Jax & Cali®. Founded in 2015, Jax & Cali is a female owned, family operated, indie brand based in Florida. Jax & Cali is dedicated to holistic and natural wellness for your furfamily.

In a market saturated with cheap pet products with ingredients you would not even want to put on your own body, let alone your best furfriends, Gail Beregovich, Jax & Cali’s visionary, pushes the boundaries by developing (often painstakingly due to the procurement of unique ingredients and application) products based on emergent trends in nutrition and wellness.

“They are our best friends. Why should we be complacent with giving them the status quo when we are buying better products to better ourselves. The expectation is that if you feed and use quality products on your body, you will live a happy, healthier life. The expectations must be the same with our pets.”

Jax & Cali Toothbrush Wipes

Jax and Cali products are developed with the concentration and commitment to providing tangible results and products that DO what they say they will DO. Our products provide a holistic approach that add to the total well-being of our pet. Our top goal is to arm consumers with reliable information which will enable them to be empowered to purchase superior quality products for their pets.

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