The Easy Way to Clean Sensitive Dog Ears

Clean Sensitive Dog Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears regularly is necessary for their health and hygiene, but it’s not always an easy task. Your dog’s ears are sensitive, so they probably don’t like you touching them! Fortunately, with the right product, you can keep your dog’s ears clean and prevent infections without making your pup uncomfortable.

Clean Your Dog’s Ears Quickly, Conveniently, and Without Pain

Jax & Cali® all-in-one Ear Swabs are premoistened with an all-natural enzymatic blend of antioxidants. These swabs are gentle on sensitive ears, and they naturally cleanse, loosen, and remove ear wax while promoting healthy ear function.

The swabs are long and reach deep into your dog’s ears for thorough cleaning. What's more, our special formula contains no alcohol, dyes, harsh chemicals, antibiotics, or artificial cleansers. In other words, the ear cleaner is non-irritating and safe to use on even the most delicate ears!

Relieve Irritated Ears and Promote Ear Health | Sensitive Dog Ears

When your dog’s ears are dirty, it can cause itching, head shaking, and discomfort. Our gentle yet powerful ear cleaner gives your dog relief from dirt, bacteria, wax buildup, and yeast infections.

Our Ear Swabs work quickly using the power of all-natural antioxidant enzymes, proteins, and bio-active properties. They neutralize odor-causing bacteria, yeast, and fungi deep in the ear canal that can cause infections and stinky ears.

And the best part is that the enzymes used in the ear cleaner are developed from dairy, so the swabs are safe to use every day!

Jax & Cali products are proudly made in the USA.

Non-Toxic- Clean Sensitive Dog Ears
Cruetly Free- Clean Sensitive Dog Ears


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