Symptoms of an Ear Infection in Dogs

Ear infections can be painful and itchy. What's more, untreated infections can cause serious health complications for your pup. Regular ear cleaning will help keep infections at bay, but you should also know the symptoms to watch out for.

Signs of a Dog Ear Infection

Some common signs that will help you know something is wrong with your dog’s ears include: 

  • Head tilting towards the side of the infection
  • Head shaking
  • Scratching or pawing at ears
  • Rubbing ears
  • Hot ears
  • Smelly ears
  • Waxy discharge
  • Crusty, scabby, red, irritated skin inside the ear flap

Where Do Ear Infections Happen?

Your dog’s ears have three separate parts, and infections can happen in all three. Infections are classified based on where they occur:

  • Otitis externa: This is inflammation or an infection in the ear canal.
  • Otitis media: This is an infection of the middle ear. More than half of dogs who have chronic otitis externa end up with a middle ear infection. Otitis media can also mean a foreign object (like a foxtail) has penetrated the ear drum.
  • Otitis interna: This is inflammation or an infection of the inner ear. Unresolved infection in the middle ear can spread to become otitis interna, which in turn can lead to loss of balance and deafness.

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