How to Prevent Infections in Your Dog’s Ears

Prevent Dog’s Ears Infections

Stay on top of any potential dog ear infection by looking at your pup’s ears when you sit with them, bathe them, or play with them. When you know what their ears should look like, you'll be able to spot infections sooner. And these tips will help you prevent infections in the first place!

Treat Allergies to Avoid Ear Infections

Allergies can lead to bacterial, yeast, and fungal ear infections in dogs. As your pup itches, rubs, or scrubs their ears by scratching or running their head sideways through the grass, dirt, or carpet, microbes lurking on these surfaces can get caught in the warm, dark crevices of your pup’s ears!

Dry Your Dog’s Ears after Swimming and Bathing to Prevent Dog’s Ears Infections

Moisture caught in your dog’s ears can play host to bacteria and other microbes that can cause infections. After your pup goes swimming or gets a bath, make sure you dry their ears thoroughly. This is especially important for dogs with long, floppy ears.

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Clean to Prevent Dog’s Ears Infections

Wipe off your pup’s paws when you bring them in from walks or play to remove dirt and allergens that get trapped between the toes and nails and that can cause bacteria and yeast to infest their ears when scratching! Use Jax & Cali Paw and Body Wipes as a natural and protective device!

Clean Earwax Regularly

Earwax-producing glands can be overactive, especially after an infection. The earwax-producing glands get used to pumping out wax to fight off the ear infection, and they can continue over-producing even after the infection is gone. Establish a maintenance routine for cleaning the ears. If you don’t, earwax will build up and create another infection.

Clean your pup’s ears once a week with Jax and Cali pre-moistened all-natural enzymatic blend ear cleaners. All-in-One Ear Swabs!


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