SuperZoo Exhibitors Include Jax & Cali

Miami-based Jax & Cali Grooming Products are manufactured in the United States using only the highest quality all-natural ingredients. The all-women operated company is owned by the mother/son duo of Gail Beregovich and Andres Beregovich. Together they have created solution-oriented all-natural grooming products for dogs and cats including tear stain wipes in the form of mitts that are formulated using colloidal silver and boric acid. These ph-balanced wipes are tested and proven to eliminate most stains caused by porphyrin and target yeast and moist dermatitis naturally occurring around the pet’s eye.

The brand’s Ear Swabs contain ImmunoSEB, a robust blend of nine antioxidant enzymes that cleanses, loosens and removes ear wax while working to resolve ear infections. Meanwhile, its Paw Protect is designed to protect paws, noses and elbows against harsh conditions using hemp seed oil and shea butter. The brand also makes Toothbrush Wipes, which fit over a pet parent’s two fingers and are safe for both dogs and cats. The wipes help prevent periodontal disease while promoting white teeth and fresh breath. Visit booth 3818 to learn how Jax & Cali’s mission is to push the boundaries by developing pet products based on emergent trends in nutrition and wellness.

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